My users cannot access a website that is on the Allowed list.

Is a website in your allowed list still being blocked or is not displaying properly on your browser? Are you trying to identify what websites BrowseControl is blocking? Other URLs that are required for the website to load may still be blocked.

BrowseControl has a built-in option to help you find out what websites BrowseControl is blocking. This option is disabled by default because it logs a lot of entries on your computer. It is recommended that you disable this option after troubleshooting issues.

Enable Logging of Blocked URLs

Please follow the steps below to turn on the option of logging blocked URLs:

  1. On the CurrentWare Console, select the folder your computers are under.
  2. Click on “BrowseControl Client Settings” from the menu on the right-hand side
  3. Check the option “Enable logging of blocked URLs”.

After enabling the blocked URL log, conduct the following steps to allow the website being blocked by BrowseControl

  1. On the client computer – Browse the website that you wish to allow and unblock from BrowseControl
  2. On the console – Select the affected computer by clicking on it
  3. Click on Tools > Troubleshooting > View Blocked URL Log
  4. Add the blocked websites to the URL Filter’s Allowed List directly from the log.

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