Moving your CurrentWare Server to Another Computer


#1 Back up your existing cwServer Database

Before you move your server, back up your existing CurrentWare database:

C:\Program Files(x86)\CurrentWare\cwServer\CWNPFB.cwd


#2 Change your cwClient passwords (optional)

It is very important that you have the correct CurrentWare Client password before you move your server. Having the correct password will avoid many configuration issues during the client redirect and save you a lot of time.

For this reason, it is recommended that you change the client password from your cwConsole (you don’t need your old password to change the new password). This way, you will have the correct cwClient password during the redirect. Learn how to change your CurrentWare Client Password on this page


#3 Install the cwServer on the new computer

It is time to perform a fresh install of the Server and Console on the new machine.

Download the latest CurrentWare setup file from this link

Run the CurrentWare.exe setup file on the new server to proceed with the installation


#4 Moving the cwServer Database

Once the installation is completed, copy the existing database from the old computer to the new computer. You will need to stop the CurrentWare Server service before you can overwrite the database file. Go to start menu > run > services.msc > stop the CurrentWare Server.


Put the CWNPFB.CWD file into the C:\Program Files(x86)\CurrentWare\cwServer\ folder. After the databases are put in place, start the CurrentWare Server service. Your new cwServer and console are now ready.

Version Conflict: If the CurrentWare Server service won’t start, there’s a chance that this is caused by a version conflict. Your CurrentWare database is older than the cwServer. Learn how to upgrade your CurrentWare database on this page


#5 Redirect the cwClients to the new cwServer

There are three methods to redirect the cwClients to the new cwServer

Method 1 - From the old/existing cwConsole
  1. Go to Tools > Redirect Clients.
  2. The name of your cwServer will be auto populated. Change it to the computer name to the new cwServer.
  3. Type in the Client password (default password is Admin) and select redirect all clients.
  4. Check the option "Redirect connected Clients" and click OK.
  5. Your connected cwClients will now be redirected to the new cwServer.


Method 2 - From the new cwConsole
  1. Go to Tools > Redirect Clients.
  2. The name of your cwServer will be auto populated. Keep it as is.
  3. Type in the Client password (default password is Admin)
  4. Select "Redirect All CurrentWare Clients" and click OK.
  5. Your cwConsole will now attempt to redirect any cwClients on your network to this computer.


Method 3 - From the cwClients

If your clients are not connecting to the console even after you redirected them in the previous steps, you can try to manually connect them to the server.

  1. Go to the client workstation.
  2. Browse to C:\Windows\SysWOW64\.
  3. Double click on cwAgent.exe (not cwAgent64.exe).
  4. Put in the client password (default password is Admin).
  5. Click on Server Settings and modify the Server name to the IP address (or computer name) of the new cwServer.


Additional Help