How do I migrate my Firebird database to SQL database?

There are two ways to migrate your Firebird database to SQL.

  1. When using the CWSM for the first time to switch from Firebird to SQL, the database migration tool will display automatically.
  2. Otherwise, you can manually run this tool by going to running the CWDBMigration.exe from your CurrentWare\cwServer directory.

During the database migration to SQL, you can choose the data from the solution you want to migrate from and the tracking period.

Once the migration begins, the tool will create a new database on your SQL database and copy the data from your existing Firebird database. The data on the Firebird database will not be deleted. You can use it as a backup. Keep in mind that no new data will be added to the Firebird database. All the new data will be written on your migrated SQL database.


  • The database migration is one-directional. You can only migrate data from Firebird to SQL, not the other way around.
  • Data migration will take some time with large databases. Do not close the tool while the migration is happening. If you do, the SQL database might get corrupted and you’ll have to create a new database and perform the migration again.