The Login Sessions feature provides an all-in-one report, allowing you to effortlessly observe how user login and logoff times align with their active and idle periods, offering a clear understanding of user engagement within your organization. Deep dive into each user’s login sessions to identify gaps and instances where users are logging on and off at unexpected times

How it works

The Login Sessions report is available on the Logins Sessions dashboard, the user drill down, and the group drill down. An active enPowerManager subscription is required to track user login sessions and display the login data on the report. 

The Login Sessions report is split into two parts – the user’s login sessions and their tracked activity time. 

User Login Sessions: provides day-by-day login summary of your users with their first login time, last logoff time, total session time, and the number of login sessions.

Activity Time: provides a daily total of your user’s active and idle time. 

User Login Sessions

Login session tracking activity log
  • Login date: The date users logged into their computers
  • User: The user name. To view the computer used for login, view the Login session details. 
  • Group: The group the user is in
  • First Login time: When a user first logs into the computer for the day
  • Last Logoff time: When a user last log off the computer for the day
    • Why the logoff time is not always available?
      • The user hasn’t logged off yet.
      • Logoff time updates on client reconnection post restart/shutdown.
      • Logoff time loss due to unexpected shutdown.
      • enPowerManager solution lacks a valid license.
  • Total Session Time: The total session time from each day’s login sessions
  • Login Sessions: The number of times a user logs into their computer. Click on the number to view the details of each login session including the login/logoff time, session duration, and the computers used for the login. 

Activity Time

  • Total Tracked Time: The total duration of a user’s activities tracked on their computer
  • Active Time: The total duration of a user’s activity where their keyboard and mouse movement were mostly active. 
  • Active %: The percentage of total active time compared to the total tracked time
  • Idle Time: The total duration of user inactivity when there’s no keyboard or mouse movement, exceeding the default threshold of 5 minutes
  • Idle Time %: The percentage of total idle time compared to the total tracked time

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