The location dashboard provides managers with important insights based on employee work locations. This helps managers make informed decisions about workplace policies. The dashboard displays data for Office, Remote, and Hybrid work durations. It also highlights productivity variations across locations, ensuring efficient and effective work.

Location Dashboard Widgets Explained

Active Time by Locations: The total active time spent by all your users, categorized by locations.

User Count by Locations: The daily count of your users based on their locations.

Scorecards Breakdown: A breakdown of productivity scores, total productive time, and active time for Office, Remote, and Hybrid categories.

Location Summary: Presents the productivity score, productive time, active time, and idle time by location for each user or group.

How is Location Data Tracked?

CurrentWare uses public IP addresses to automatically determine whether a given user is working remotely or in-office. The location insights feature does not use GPS to determine employee location. 

When multiple users have the same public IP address, CurrentWare automatically classified them as In-Office.  IP addresses that are only used by one unique user are automatically classified as Remote.

Note: Real-time tracking must be enabled to track location data for website and application activities. Session tracking will only track location data for the website activities and not for applications. 

How is Location Data Calculated?

The Location Dashboard categorizes locations into three types:

  • Office
  • Remote
  • Hybrid.

Each day, users are assigned a location based on where they predominantly spent their time.

  • Office: Users working from the office for over 80% of the day.
  • Remote: Users working from a remote location for over 80% of the day.
  • Hybrid: Users switch between office and remote in a day, each less than 80% of the time.

Example: If the user “John” worked a 10-hour day: 

  • He is considered working in an “office” location if he spends more than 80% of his time (8 hours) in the office. 
  • He is considered working in a “remote” location if he spends more than 80% of his time (8 hours) remotely. 
  • He is considered working in a “hybrid” location if he spends less than 80% of his time (8 hours) in the office or remotely. A good amount of time is spent in both locations and it is difficult to confidently determine the user’s predominant location

When a user spends the majority of their day (more than 80%) either in the office or remotely but spends the remaining part of the day (under 20%) at a different location, how is the time from the other locations attributed?  

If a user’s work day is categorized as Office, Remote or Hybrid, any work done on that day, even if not at the main location, will be attributed to the primary location.

Why are some users’ locations “Not Tracked”?

Not Tracked means the CurrentWare Client could not or did not track the information to your end user’s activities. Make sure Location Tracking and Real Time Tracking are enabled to ensure all the location data are tracked to your end user’s activities. 

Assign IP Addresses to your Locations 

BrowseReporters’ automatic remote/in-office classifications can be overridden; all previously collected data will be retroactively adjusted to reflect the new location classification

There are two ways to get to the Location Settings to assign the public IP addresses of your users to their locations.

  1. A “Location Settings” button is located conveniently on the Location Dashboard page on the upper right-hand corner.
  2. Find the Location Settings under Settings > BrowseReporter > Tracking Websites and Applications > Click on the “Assign IP Addresses to Locations” button

Enabling Location Tracking

Turn on/off the Location Tracking setting from Settings > BrowseReporter > Tracking Websites and Applications > Check the option “Enable Location Tracking” 

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Running Static Reports with Location Tracking

Currently, there are 4 “Run Reports” that support location tracking:

  • Sites Visited
  • Top N Domain by Browsing Time
  • Employee Productivity
  • Top N Categories by Browsing Time

Sample Run Reports

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