Is CurrentWare hosted on-premise or on the cloud?

CurrentWare is an on-premise solution that runs on Windows operating systems.

There are two components of CurrentWare that needs to be installed on your network in order for you to use CurrentWare’s solutions.

  1. CurrentWare Server: this will be installed on your server or an IT admin’s computer.
  2. CurrentWare Client: this will be installed on your end-users’ computers.

Where is our data stored?

All of the data that CurrentWare tracks along with the CurrentWare settings are stored on the CurrentWare database on your computer. This database is created during the CurrentWare Server and will be stored on your network on a computer of your choice.

Does CurrentWare have access to my employees’ data?

Since all of the data are stored on your own network, CurrentWare will not have access to any of your data. CurrentWare does not send any of your data to our server. Any data tracked on your users will be stored locally on your computers.

CurrentWare has some features that provide similar flexibility to a cloud-based solution, and do have a projected release for cloud-based solution of CurrentWare. For more information you can read our article here.

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