How do I install the new Web Console?

What is the Web Console ?

CurrentWare Web Console brings everything that you love in CurrentWare to a modern web browser. This means you can manage everything in CurrentWare – like computers/users, policies, reports and updates – from anywhere.

To learn more about the new CurrentWare Web console, check out this page.

Getting Access to the Web Console

This feature is currently available to CurrentWare Subscription plan customers. If you are on a previous Permanent license plan, you will need to migrate plans to have access to the Web Console. If you’d like to get a quote, contact our team. It may take up to 1 business day to get pricing information.

Before you Install the Web Console

The Web Console must be installed on a PC that allows IIS installation. You can see the system requirements to make sure your PC/Server supports IIS. You can get the CurrentWare download package from the download page.

Installing the CurrentWare Web Console

There are two components you need to install to get CurrentWare running on your network.

  1. CurrentWare Server/Console
  2. CurrentWare Clients

1. Installing the CurrentWare Server & Web Console

Pick a computer to install the CurrentWare Server/Console on. Usually, this is installed on a person’s computer that is responsible for managing the other computers on the network. With the web console you are able to access the console anywhere in your network from the web browser of your choice.

Recommended install locations:

Note: When installing CurrentWare, you will to use SQL Server. Steps on installing and connecting SQL Server as the database manually. As part of the install it will also prompt you to install SQL Express 2017.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Run the CurrentWare.exe setup file.
  2. Accept the installations of prerequisites to install the web console.
  3. During the install, IIS (Internet Information Services) will be enabled on your computer.
  4. Accept the terms in the License Agreement.
  5. Select the CurrentWare Solutions you want to install.
    • AccessPatrol: Block USB and external devices
    • BrowseControl: Web Filter and Application Blocking
    • BrowseReporter: Internet Activity Tracking
    • enPowerManager: Remote Power Management
  6. The Installer will proceed to install the CurrentWare Server, Console, and the solutions onto your computer

Next Step: Obtain your cwServer computer name for the client install

Go to Start menu > type in CMD and press the enter key to launch the command prompt. In command prompt, type in Hostname. This will display the computer name of your CurrentWare Server. Write this down, you will need to for the client install.

Launch the Web Console from any networked Internet browser by typing in your computer name followed by the Web Console port number (8998) on the address bar:


You can find the client installation steps here.

Interested in seeing a demo of the new Web Console? Contact us or start a live chat with us