I can’t log into Web Console & I’m using Windows Authentication for SQL connection

When you’re having issue logging into your web console and you are using Windows Authentication for SQL connection, chances are an incorrect user and password is configured on your IIS settings.

  1. Go to start menu, type in IIS and open your IIS manager.
  2. Click on Application Pools on the left hand side.
  3. Right click on RestAPI > Advanced Settings.
  4. Look under Process Model > Identity and click on the (…) button to modify this value.
  5. Switch from Built-in account to Custom account.
  6. Set the user name and password to your Windows admin account.
  7. Right click on RestAPI > Recycle.
  8. Repeat step 3 to 7 with the WebConsole Application pool.
  9. Once your application pools are updated, you’ll need to restart your site.
  10. Right click on your site on the left hand side and select Stop. Right click on it again and select Start.
  11. Now, try and log into your CurrentWare Web Console again.