How to Resolve Licensing Issues

If you are having issues with licensing on CurrentWare, here are some common licensing difficulty issues and how to resolve them below.  

1. Case Sensitivity

CurrentWare licenses are case sensitive. This includes your organization name that is included in your license email. Make sure you verify your organization’s name when entering your license information.

2. Incorrect Organization Name or License Count

Ensure that you are entering the organization name and license count that matches the license details we provide you. The license details are case sensitive and we recommend copying and pasting the information onto the CurrentWare console.

License Count: if you are purchasing additional licenses, make sure you put in the total license count and not the added quantity. Our license validation is based strictly on the total license count.

3. Wrong License Version

CurrentWare major releases have their own designated licenses. Please verify the version details when you receive your licensing information from us to see if they match the version of CurrentWare you are using. A version 5.4 license key will not work on CurrentWare version 5.5 and vice versa. See this KB if you are unsure of how to find your version.

To receive the correct license key version, please put in a request here: Request License Key

4. Category Filtering License Count

The number of Category Filtering licenses must match the number of BrowseControl licenses you have on your console. Please enter the BrowseControl license first before applying the Category Filtering license.

5. Category Filtering License Processing Issue

BrowseControl Category Filtering License

If BrowseControl’s Category Filtering license does not complete its processing, please do the following:

  • Cancel the Processing notification and Close the CurrentWare Console
  • Stop the CurrentWare Server Service
  • Restart the CurrentWare Server Service
  • Reopen the CurrentWare Console
  • Apply the License Again

Are you Still Having Issues?

If you are still having issues with licensing or have any questions on it, please tell us your concerns on the following page and our support team will assist you.

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