How is the productivity score calculated?

BrowseReporter has a report that calculates and generates a productivity score based on your employees’ Internet browsing activity. The productivity score provides insight into the productivity of your employees’ time to a single metric so that you can have a quick understanding of how time is spent by your employees during their daily work routines.

BrowseReporter assigns categories a productivity rating. There are 3 different ratings that include Productive, Neutral, and Unproductive. The categories are curated from a live database that is updated on a daily basis with websites that are categorized based on the content of the websites.

You can customize the rating of each category according to your organization’s standards:

If you can’t find the category you are looking for, you can select Add Domains to add a productivity rating to individual websites instead of categories.

Calculating the Productivity Score

The productivity score is based on the amount of time your employee spends on each productivity rating. Each productivity rating has a multiplier factor that improves the productivity score

  • Productive – 1
  • Neutral – 0.5
  • Unproductive – 0

Productivity Score Formula:

(Neutral Browsing Time x 0.5) + (Productive Browsing Time x 1) + (Unproductive Browsing Time x 0) / Total Browsing Time = Productivity Score

Recommendations for using the productivity score

Configure the employee productivity report to your organizational standards: 
BrowseReporter’s employee productivity report is made to be customizable as much as possible so that you can configure it according to what your organization considers productive or distracting.

Don’t expect a perfect productivity score. 
Your employees shouldn’t have a perfect productivity score of 100, downtime is important and can improve the quality of their work.

Use the productivity score to test new practices:
The productivity score can be a useful metric to test against new organizational standards such has using website blocking policies with BrowseControl. Seeing how new policies can impact the productivity of your employees with the productivity score will provide you better insights.

If you have any questions you can contact our technical support team at or 613-368-4300 x 4

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