How is the productivity score calculated?

BrowseReporter is a versatile computer user activity monitoring software that helps organizations enforce policies, meet compliance requirements, and understand how their users operate – no matter where they’re located.

BrowseReporter’s detailed user activity reports provide insights like…

  • Are our users following organizational policies? Are there any unwanted activities that need to be addressed?
  • How engaged are our users? Do they spend the majority of their time on-task? And…
  • Are our users making use of the software we’ve invested in? Should we reduce the number of licenses we pay for?

The computer activity data is collected by a software agent that is installed on your computers. The agent connects to a database on your organization’s network, allowing you to maintain complete control over the data.

BrowseReporter’s central console allows you to run reports on your user’s computer activities from the convenience of a web browser. 

There are dozens of reports to choose from, including…

  • User productivity reports with an overview of how much time was spent on websites that are productive, unproductive, or neutral. These classifications can be customized to match what is productive for your users.
  • There are also detailed internet activity reports that show you what websites your users have visited, how long they spent browsing each site, and the amount of bandwidth consumed.
  • And finally, the application usage reports show you what software is being used, how long it was used for, and who was using it.

BrowseReporter’s reports can be generated on-demand, on a set schedule, or automatically sent to your inbox to alert you of specific events.

Using the End-User Reports feature you can even provide your users with on-demand access to their own data. This lets them benefit from the insights that you have.

BrowseReporter can even be deployed with optional privacy-enhancing features.

You can…

  • Display a custom message to notify users that they are being monitored
  • Make the client visible in the system tray
  • Stop monitoring outside of standard operating hours, and…
  • Disable certain types of tracking altogether 

These optional features allow you to customize your BrowseReporter deployment to fit the needs of your organization.

BrowseReporter is best used in tandem with our web filtering software BrowseControl. Using both solutions provides you with the visibility and control you need to ensure that your organization’s computers are being used appropriately

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BrowseReporter’s reports and dashboards calculate productivity scores based on your employees’ Internet browsing activity and application usage. The productivity score provides insight into your employee’s workplace productivity by measuring how much productive time is spent by your employees during their daily work routines.

Administrators can grade all the tracked applications and websites using 3 different gradings: 

  1. Productive
  2. Neutral
  3. Unproductive

To learn more about how to grade the websites & applications for the productivity score, check out this article.

Calculating the Productivity Score

The productivity score is based on the amount of time your employee spends on each productivity rating. Each productivity rating has a multiplier factor that improves the productivity score

  • Productive
  • Neutral
  • Unproductive

Productivity Score Formula:

(Productive Browsing Time x 1) + (Neutral Browsing Time x 0.5) + (Unproductive Browsing Time x 0) / Total Browsing Time = Productivity Score

Where are the productivity scores?

The productivity score is displayed on all of the dashboards and the employee productivity reports. 

Productivity Dashboard

The productivity dashboard shows you how much productive, neutral and unproductive time is spent by your users. 

  • The scorecards at the top give you a quick glance of your users’ total active time, productivity score, productive and unproductive time. 
  • The productivity chart displays the productivity data in a bar chart & the time frame (by hour, by day, by month) of the selected date range. 
  • The productivity ranking charts displays the top 5 groups/users, the top 5 websites categories, top 5 websites and the top 5 applications. 
  • Activity log provides summary and detailed data, letting you drill down and investigate your user’s browsing/application history. 

The productivity score is also available in the following dashboards:

  • Overview
  • Websites
  • Applications
  • Groups
  • Users

Employee Productivity Report

This report can be found under BrowseReporter > Manage > Run Report. Under the Report Type, select Employee Productivity.  

Here’s a sample Employee Productivity Detailed Report:

Emp Prod Report

Recommendations for using the productivity score

Configure the employee productivity report to your organizational standards: 
BrowseReporter’s employee productivity report is made to be customizable as much as possible so that you can configure it according to what your organization considers productive or distracting.

Don’t expect a perfect productivity score. 
Your employees shouldn’t have a perfect productivity score of 100, downtime is important and can improve the quality of their work.

Use the productivity score to test new practices:
The productivity score can be a useful metric to test against new organizational standards such has using website or application blocking policies with BrowseControl. Seeing how new policies can impact the productivity of your employees with the productivity score will provide you better insights.

How do I use this on the Winform/Desktop Console?

The redesigned grading productivity is only available through the web console. To use this feature, contact our sales team for more information on upgrading to the web console.

If you have any questions you can contact our technical support team at or 1-888-912-9619 x 4

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