Track users time spent on websites

BrowseReporter tracks how long a user spent on browsing on the Internet or use an application and display them in detailed reports.

There are three ways BrowseReporter measures time – Active Time, Total time and Idle time.

  1. Active Time
  2. Total Time
  3. Idle Time

Active Time

This measures how long the current window is in focused – giving you the most accurate reporting on users time spent on websites and applications.

When your employees are distracted by wasting time on social media websites (i.e. Facebook), you will know exactly how long they spent on those websites.

Total Time

This measure the total duration the window is opened for, from the start time until the end time regardless of whether the window is in focused or not.

Not every user acts the same. Some users switch between two monitors. Some like to stream content in the background. No matter what their behaviors are, BrowseReporter can track the total time they spent on websites whether or not they focused on the windows.

Common Activities: streaming music/videos in the background, tracking dual monitors

Idle time

This measures how long the user is away from his computer after the mouse and keyboard stopped moving. By default, idle time is tracked after 5 minutes of inactivity.

Time tracking should be fair. If your users are not in front of their computers, BrowseReporter will separate the time tracked into idle time so you can filter it out if you need to during report generation.

Common Activities: going away without logging off the computer, leaving the computer on during lunch/break/meeting

You can learn more about Idle Time on this page.

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