How do I track the time spent by my users on websites and applications?

BrowseReporter employee monitor can track how long users are on specific websites and also how long they are using applications. The client agent tracks and stores the websites and application traffic data in real-time

You can generate different Internet and application usage reports with BrowseReporter to identify and measure what sites are being browsed, what applications are running and how they have been browsing those sites and using those applications.

The client can differentiate the time a user was actively browsing a website or running an application and the time the website or application was running in the background. BrowseReporter identifies this as Active Time.

Here’s a list of employee monitoring reports for websites:

Websites Visited

  1. Sites Visited
  2. Top Domains by Browsing Time
  3. Top Domains by Hits
  4. Total Browsing Time
  5. Keywords Searched by Hits
  6. Keywords Searched by Time
  7. Employee Productivity
  8. Graph – Hourly Active Browsing Time
  9. Graph – Weekly Active Browsing Time
  10. Graph – Top 10 PCs by Active Browsing Time
  11. Graph – Top 10 Domains by Active Browsing Time

Categories Visited

  1. URL Categories Visited
  2. Top Categories by Browsing Time
  3. Category Drill Down
  4. Social Media Activities

Application Usage

  1. Top Applications by Active Time
  2. Specific Applications Usage
  3. Application Usage by Hour

Sample Report – Sites Visited

Sample Report – Top 10 Domains by Browsing Time

Sample Report – Top 10 Applications

Sample Report – Daily Application Usage