How do I temporarily allow device access?

With AccessPatrol you can temporarily provide users access to their devices with the Access Code Generator.

Access Code Generator

Generate an access code to allow your end-users temporarily access to their endpoint devices. The access code is unique to each computer that you generate for. Each access code can only be used once.

temporary device access

Access Code expires on: the code will expire on the expiry date and will no longer be valid. You can only generate an access code 30 days in advance.
Access Duration: this is how long the end user will gain full access.
Access Code: enter the access code on the end user’s computer.

Using the access code to gain temporary device access

On the client computer, browse to Control Panel > All Control Panel Items > Grant Access to Endpoint Devices:

temporary device access
The end-user will access the access code window from their Control Panel
device access code
The end-user will enter the access code in this window to unlock access to their endpoint devices
Once access is granted on the end user’s computer, their AccessPatrol status will change on the CurrentWare Console.

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