How do I set up an Email Report?

Through the Email Reports feature, BrowseReporter reports can automatically be generated and emailed to the administrator periodically. This eliminates having to rely on the manual process of creating reports.

To access Email Reports, under the BrowseReporter tab, click on Email Reports. Before creating an email report schedule with BrowseReporter, you will need to configure CurrentWare’s email settings. For instructions on how to configure the email settings, you can read our knowledge base article here.

How to Create a Schedule for Email Reports

NOTE: You must have your email settings configured and a report profile created before creating an email report schedule.

  1. Under the BrowseReporter tab on the right-hand side of the console, select Email Reports.
  2. Click on the Create Schedule button.
  3. Define the email address of the recipient of the reports.
  4. Select a Report profile. A report profile is created in Run Report.
  5. Define the Schedule type (daily, weekly or monthly) of the email report.
  6. Define the Time of email delivery.
  7. The report will be sent in PDF format.
Schedule Email Reports

Email Report Options

This option will allow you to save a copy of the report onto your computer during the scheduled email report delivery.

If you check the “disable email reports” option, it will save a copy of the report at the scheduled time and it won’t send out an email. When this option is checked, you don’t have to enter a recipient email address.

If you need assistance with this, you can contact our technical support team –

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