How do I get Email Reports?

Through the Email Reports feature, the AccessPatrol reports can automatically be generated and emailed to the administrator periodically. This eliminates having to rely on the manual process of creating reports.

To access Email Reports, under the AccessPatrol tab, click on Email Reports.

How to Create a Schedule for Email Reports:

NOTE: You must have your email settings configured and a report profile created before creating an email report schedule.

Email Settings

Under the Email Settings tab, enter the email configuration that is required to successfully send the reports to the administrator.

How to Configure Your Email Settings:

  1. Enter the appropriate email information, including the name, email address and the password for your email address.
  2. Define the outgoing mail server that your email account uses to send an email. The default SMTP port that AccessPatrol uses to send email is port 25.
  3. Enable My SMTP server requires authentication if your email server requires authentication.
  4. You can also use web email services, such as Gmail/ Hotmail/ Yahoo mail, to generate email notifications. These web email services usually require mail server authentication.
  5. To test the validity of the email account information, click on the Test Email Account button to ensure that the reports will be emailed successfully.
  6. Click on the Apply button.
Email Settings

Creating the Schedule

  1. Under the AccessPatrol tab on the right-hand side of the console, select Email Reports.
  2. Click on the Create Schedule button.
  3. Define the email address of the recipient of the reports.
  4. Select a Report profile to generate a report of your choice. A report profile is created in the Report Options menu item.
  5. Define the schedule type (daily or weekly) of the email report.
  6. Define the delivery time of the email report.
  7. The Internet report will be sent in a PDF format.
Email Report Scheduler