Client Deployment using Remote Client Install

Note: This feature is only available on the legacy desktop console. Click here to learn how to access the legacy console.

Important! Windows Firewall and User Access Control (UAC) must be disabled on your target computers.

The Remote Client install is a built-in feature of the CurrentWare Console.

You can open the Remote Client Install window from Install > Remote Client Install.

The computer name of your CurrentWare Server is filled out automatically.

Important! the option “Reboot Client systems after installation” will restart your client computer after the remote install. Uncheck this option if you prefer not to restart the computers.

Add the computer name or IP address of the computers you want to install the CurrentWare Clients on.


Put in the Administrator name and password for the target computer. This could be the local administrator account or the domain administrator account.


Click Finish to complete the installation.

After the CurrentWare Client is installed, it will connect to your CurrentWare Console and show up on the computer list.


Having trouble with Remote Client Install? Check out the Troubleshooting Tips for Remote Client Install guide

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