How can I access the console from anywhere?

With the Web Console of CurrentWare it has been made very simple to access your Administrative console from anywhere on your network. All you need to know is the IP address (ex. or the Hostname of the PC(ex. ThisPCHasCurrentWare) where your CurrentWare server is installed on your network.

By default the Web Console is set to work only with your internal network. If you want to have it accessible externally you will need to setup a remote server setup through bring your own cloud or port forwarding.

  1. Create your operators in the CurrentWare desktop application by going to Tools> Operators. You do not need to enable password security or stricter password policies for your operator account to work with the Web Console login page.
  2. Open the browser of your choice. The Web Console is fully function with all internet browsers.
  3. Enter your CurrentWare servers IP or hostname into the browser URL bar with :8998 following it. An example would be or ThisPCHasCurrentWare:8998.
  4. You will get the login page. You can enter your Operator Username and Password created in step #1.

The CurrentWare Console can be installed on multiple computers on your network. You do not need additional licenses to install multiple CurrentWare Consoles. 

  1. Take the CurrentWare.exe setup file to the computer you want to install the remote cwConsole and run it.
  2. During the installation, leave everything as the default selection.
  3. Once finished, launch the CurrentWare Console and you will connect to the CurrentWare Server
  4. To modify the cwServer settings, on the cwConsole, go to Tools > Console Settings > Connection > modify the CurrentWare Server name or IP address

Note: If you don’t have the original set up file you used to install the CurrentWare Server, please contact us for the download link.

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