Free up space from your SQL Express Database

By default the CurrentWare install of SQL Express has a 10GB size limit. This means you can store up to 10GB of data on-prem without any changes on your end. CurrentWare will not automatically remove your data.You must manually setup the auto-delete scheduler to prevent the database from overloading and potentially losing data.

NOTE: Prior to removing data you may want to take a backup of your database.

Here are the steps to free space with the Auto-Delete Scheduler:

When enabled, BrowseReporter will only keep data from a period of time. You can define how long you want to keep data.

  1. On the CurrentWare Web Console, go to Tools > Auto Delete Scheduler.
  2. Enable the scheduler.
  3. Select the tracked data types you want to delete automatically.
  4. Choose the number of days you want to keep the tracked data for.
  5. Decide on the start time each day to perform the data deletion.
  6. Select to Apply the Auto Delete Scheduler in the bottom-right corner.
Auto Delete

There are other database maintenance steps including the ability to manually remove the data here