How do I set up Email Alerts?

Set up an email notification alert to be notified of when a user breaches any of the defined settings.

This real-time alert warns of potential trouble as it is happening.

A message is immediately triggered to administrators to help them respond immediately to excessive web abuse on valuable company time. The alert notification contains specifics about website infringements, allowing the administrator to immediately identify the user or client machine.

configuring email alerts

How to create an Email Alert:

NOTE: You must have your email settings configured before creating an email alert.

  1. Under the BrowseReporter tab on the right-hand side of the console, select Email Alerts.
  2. Click on the Create Alert button.
  3. Put in the Alert Name and an email address of the recipient of the reports.
  4. Define a Threshold.
  5. Choose the alert type that you want to monitor – URL or Category.
  6. Select the PCs or Users that you want to monitor.
  7. For URL alert, an email is sent out for each URL that has reached the threshold.
  8. For Category alert, an email is sent out for each category that has reached the threshold.

An example of the email alert received by the recipient:

email alert

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