How do I Disable Specific Tracking Options

These options are available to change the behavior of BrowseReporter’s tracking process.

  • Enable URL Tracking
    • Enable Windows Title Tracking: this option will track web page title from Internet browsers into the database.
  • Enable Category Tracking
  • Enable Bandwidth Tracking
    • Discard data less than X KB: this option will automatically discard any bandwidth uploads/downloads that are under 20 KB (by default).
  • Enable Application Tracking
  • Idle Time Tracking
  • Location Tracking

How to Access BrowseReporter’s Tracking Options

  1. On the Web Console, go to Settings from the left-hand side.
  2. Select BrowseReporter.
  3. Click on the first tab – Tracking Options.
  1. On the desktop console, go to the BrowseReporter menu on the right hand side.
  2. Click on Tracking Options

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