Differences Between The Legacy Filtering Technologies

BrowseControl offers 4 types of filtering; Hybrid (both LSP and WFP), LSP Only, WFP Only, and UIA only.

The default selection on install is Hybrid (LSP/WFP) mode.

What do these selections mean and how do they work?

Hybrid Mode (LSP/WFP)

LSP and WFP filters are two filtering technologies that sit on the network layer of a computer. They sniff and capture the packets that are sent from your computer to the website it is trying to visit. This is a network-level block/allow.

While using this method of blocking, the best practice is adding the domain only to your block or allow list; for example, you would only add google.com to your list and not google.com.uk.

UIA Only

UIA reads the address bar of the browser through accessibility settings and redirects a blocked website to a localhost file to display a warning message. This is a browser-level block/allow.

With this mode, you can add specific websites to your block and allow lists as well as custom block messages where your users can request access to a page (see here on how to add on). For example, you can add youtube.com/employeetrainingvideo to your allow list and still have the rest of youtube blocked.

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