Client Deployment using PDQ Deploy

The purpose of this document is to help IT teams deploy the CurrentWare client to workstations using PDQ Deploy. PDQ is a well known software company that deals with deployment and computer management within the IT industry.


  1. PDQ Deploy
  2. CurrentWare Server installed
  3. Computers that need to install the CurrentWare Client

Install PDQ Deploy

Download PDQ here: You will need to enter your name and email address for the installation file to be sent to you. Go through the install steps and launch PDQ Deploy.

PDQ First Use

  1. Once started, you will need to click Next
  2. Choose the Use Free Mode radio button and click Next
  3. Here you will enter your domain/workgroup, administrator user name and password and click Finish.

Create a cwClient Deployment Package

  1. Go to File and select New Package
  2. Here you will create your CurrentWare deployment package details. Name the package CurrentWare Client and put in the software version number
  3. Click on Steps and select Install
  4. In this window you can browse for the CurrentWare cwClient.exe install file. It is located in the following directory on your CurrentWare Server computer: C:\Program Files (x86)\CurrentWare\cwClient
  5. Once located, add the following installation parameters:
/qn ALLUSERS=1 USERPARAMS="-p Admin -ds" /norestart
  1. Replace the value after -ds with your CurrentWare Server IP Address or Computer Name
  2. When finished, click the Save button. Now you’re ready to deploy

Deploying the cwClient

  1. Click the Deploy button and Deploy Once
  2. Here select the Choose targets button and you can add PCs by Active Directory or manually by their IP address or computer name in the Add Computer text box.
  3. Once added, you can click Deploy Now
  4. You can see in the details section on the right the Deployment Details and the Target Details where you can see if it’s successful or failed.

Please refer to PDQ Deploy Support for troubleshooting

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