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In today’s video, I’d like to show off the new user activity data dashboards that were introduced to BrowseReporter in version 6.0.2. 

With these dashboards, you can review the productivity levels, web browsing, application usage, and bandwidth consumption of your entire workforce from the convenience of a web browser. 

These dashboards work in tandem with BrowseReporter’s computer activity reports to provide valuable insights into how technology is used in your organization.

Today’s video is just a sneak peek of what BrowseReporter is capable of; as time goes on you can expect to see further enhancements and data points added to these dashboards.

How the Dashboards Work

To begin using the new dashboards simply select the groups or users you would like to review, then select the desired time period.

Here at the top of the Overview dashboard, you will see a comparison between the data from this period and the previous time period. This gives you a high-level glance into whether the given metrics have increased or decreased during this timeframe.

Below that, we have graphs showing the Top 5 most used websites and applications. This shows you what computer activities your users spend the most time on.

Next, you’ll see the top 5 most active and idle users or groups. 

BrowseReporter automatically switches from Active Time Tracking to Idle Time Tracking when the user stops using their keyboard or mouse for a set period of time; this threshold can be changed to fit your organization’s needs.

Dashboards for Specific Groups/Users

Let’s drill down even further by clicking on one of our groups.

In this group sub-dashboard, you can see the most productive and unproductive users in the group, along with a dedicated Activity Log. 

Likewise, if we started out looking at a specific user rather than a group we would be taken to a sub-dashboard with that specific user’s online status and computer activity data.

Activity Log For Raw User Activity Data

The activity log lets you review the raw data that is used to populate the dashboards. 

You can use the search function to find specific information, use the column men u to adjust what columns appear, and sort the data that is displayed.

What data points are available in the Activity Log will vary depending on the dashboard you’re viewing.

For example, here in the Overview dashboard, we have access to Group or usernames along with several active and idle time metrics.

In the productivity dashboard, we’d have access to the group or user name, the number of users, and various productivity metrics.

Likewise, the Activity Log of the Websites dashboard shows domain names, active time, web content categories, and the productivity categorization for the domain.

The Activity Log of the Applications dashboard shows the application name, process name, active time, and idle time.

If you’d like to use the Activity Log data in a business intelligence tool you can easily export your user activity data to an Excel spreadsheet. 

If you’d like to provide a visual copy of the Activity Log to someone else, you can use the Export to PDF function. The PDF will display the Activity Log, including hyperlinks to the sub-dashboards of the groups or users shown. 

So long as the viewer has access to an operator account with sufficient permissions they’ll be able to follow these hyperlinks to learn more about the selected user or group.

To finish things off, let’s take a look at the dashboards offered in version 6.0.2

Productivity Dashboard

Switching over to the Productivity dashboard you will see how much time was spent on productive, unproductive, and neutral web browsing. You’ll also see who the most productive and unproductive users or groups are, as well as the top 5 websites and categories. 

What is considered productive can be customized by going to BrowseReporter’s Productivity Grading window; a shortcut to this can be found in the dashboard settings. 

From here you’ll be able to specify whether a given website category or a specific domain should be labeled as productive, unproductive, or neutral.

Internet Browsing Dashboard

Moving on to the Websites dashboard you will find the total active and idle time for the selected groups or users, the top 5 websites and most active users, as well as the web browsing Activity Log.

Application Usage Dashboard

In the applications dashboard, you will find similar graphs showing how much time was spent using applications, the top 5 most used applications, the 5 users that spent the most time using applications, and the application usage Activity Log.

Bandwidth Consumption Dashboard

Finally, we have the bandwidth usage dashboard. Here you’ll be able to see who is using the most bandwidth and how much bandwidth was used each day.  

If you’d like to see what websites are responsible for anomalies in bandwidth usage you can run BrowseReporter’s Bandwidth Usage by URL report. 

This report will show you the exact websites that are consuming bandwidth; from there you can decide whether the bandwidth hogs need to be blocked with BrowseControl or if other corrective measures need to be taken.


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In addition to the user activity reports BrowseReporter includes 7 dashboards that give you insights on website activities, productivities, application usage and bandwidth consumptions of your entire organization. With BrowseReporter’s web dashboard, you can keep a pulse of your workforce productivity and computer usage all in one place. 


  • Overview
  • Productivity
  • Websites
  • Application
  • Bandwidth
  • Groups
  • Users


This dashboard provides a quick glance at your team’s website & application activities. Drill down by department/user to gain further insight. 

  1. Productivity Scorecards
  2. Top 5 websites by groups/users
  3. Top 5 applications by groups/users
  4. Top 5 active time by groups/users
  5. Top 5 idle time by groups/users
  6. Activity log


This dashboard provides top-level information about your organization’s productivity based on your users’ website activities. Uncover usage patterns and start curbing unproductive behaviors. 

  1. Productivity 
  2. Top 5 productive by groups/users
  3. Top 5 unproductive by groups/users
  4. Top 5 categories by productivity
  5. Top 5 websites by productivity
  6. Productivity Activity Log


This dashboard provides top-level information about your organization’s website activities. You can drill down to the details of each user’s browsing session. 

  1. Website Activity
  2. Top 5 websites by groups/users
  3. Top 5 groups/users by active time
  4. Websites Activity Summary
  5. Websites Activity Detailed 
    1. Browsing Date & Time
    2. User
    3. Group
    4. Domain
    5. Active Time
    6. URL (optional column)
    7. Webpage Title (optional column)
    8. Block Status (optional column)
    9. Categories (optional column)
    10. Idle Time (optional column)


This dashboard provides top-level information about your organization’s application activities. You can drill down to the details of each user’s hourly application sessions. Reduce license costs by uninstalling applications that are redundant or not longer in use. 

  1. Application Activity
  2. Top 5 Applications by groups/users
  3. Top 5 Groups/Users by Active Time
  4. Application Activity Summary
  5. Application Activity Detailed
    1. Date & Hour
    2. User
    3. Group
    4. Application
    5. Active Time
    6. Application Process (optional column)
    7. Idle Time  (optional column)


This dashboard provides top-level information about your organization’s bandwidth consumptions.

  1. Bandwidth Traffic
  2. Top 5 Groups/Users by Downloads & Uploads

Groups Dashboard

This dashboard provides a summary of your group’s computer activities with the top 5 most productive and unproductive users along with 4 detailed tables summarizing their productivities, websites activities, application usage and bandwidth consumptions. Gain insights into team productivity by understanding their top websites/application usage throughout the day. 

  1. Top 5 Productive Users
  2. Top 5 Unproductive Users
  3. Activity Log – Productivity
  4. Activity Log – Websites
  5. Activity Log – Applications
  6. Activity Log – Bandwidth

Users Dashboard

This dashboard provides detailed information about each user in your company. On the top, you can see the user’s connection status (online/offline) along with the group that they belong to. Review weekly activity to help improve user productivity and focus. View employee’s availability to see snapshots of their workday. 

The application activity chart gives you a visual representation of a user’s working day/week/month. You can quickly compare the active/idle time between their work days. Pick a single day from the date picker to see their hourly spent time. 

  1. Application Activity 
  2. Top 5 Websites
  3. Top 5 Applications
  4. Bandwidth Traffic
  5. Activity Log – Websites – Summary
  6. Activity Log – Websites – Detailed
    1. Browsing Date & Time
    2. Computer 
    3. Domain
    4. Active Time
    5. URL (optional column)
    6. Webpage Title (optional column)
    7. Block Status (optional column)
    8. Categories  (optional column)
    9. Idle Time  (optional column)
  7. Activity Log – Applications – Summary
  8. Activity Log – Applications – Detailed
    1. Date & Hour
    2. User
    3. Group
    4. Application
    5. Active Time
    6. Application Process (optional column)
    7. Idle Time  (optional column)

Using the Dashboard

On each dashboard page, you have the option to change the selection based on the groups/users that you want to display. You can also change the date range using the date picker. 

Groups/Users Selections
Choose all groups to see reports on your entire organization. Filter down to specific groups and users to gauge how your departments are performing. 

The charts on the dashboards will change depending on your selection. For example, if you select groups, the Top 5 Active Time charts under the Overview will display the top 5 groups. Whereas, when you select all users, that chart will display your top 5 users. 

Date Picker
Change the date to compare how your organization is performing based on your date range. Presets buttons are available for quick access to common date ranges such as today, this week and last 30 days. 

Productivity scorecards automatically compare the date you picked with the previous date range. 

Date range is limited to 6 months. Learn more about it in this article. 

Analyzing data using the Activity Log 

Each dashboard contains an activity log at the bottom of the page to give you detailed information on your organization’s activities. 

  • Sorting: every column is sorted. Click on the header to sort the data. 
  • Search: use this to narrow down the results. This is especially useful in detailed tables where you want to search for activities on specific websites or applications. 
  • Optional Columns: some tables contain optional columns that are hidden by default. Click on the 3 dots to reveal these optional columns. 
  • Export to PDF/Excel: to take your data further, you can export them in .PDF or .xlsx format to perform your own data analysis. 

Dashboard Settings Menu

Located on the top right hand corner of the page, there is a gear icon (settings) that lets you configure BrowseReporter’s core features. 

  • Productivity Grading: change the category/website grading for your productivity scores
  • More Reports: a shortcut that takes you to the legacy report window
  • Exclusion List: a shortcut that takes you to the setting to exclude websites/applications from your dashboards
  • Delete Data: a shortcut that takes you to the data deletion tool
  • Tracking Options: a shortcut that takes you to BrowseReporter tracking options where you can enable/disable tracking, change your idle time, location track and upload frequency. 

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