CurrentWare Client Footprint

The CurrentWare Client can be installed on your computers remotely and silently. It installs as a service rather than a program. It is lightweight and requires minimal system requirements to run. It runs discreetly and its impact on performance is minimal.

The CurrentWare Client tracks computer activities and stores the data locally. If the client is disconnected from the server, it will continue to track and maintain its policies. The data is uploaded to the CurrentWare server every few minutes when connected.

Key Metrics:

  • Total installed file size of the CurrentWare Client is less than 15 MB.
  • Total CPU memory usage is between 12-15 MB.
  • Total local data storage is less than 1 MB.
  • Total daily average data collected from the CurrentWare Client is less than 1 MB.

For more information on the Client tamper protection see here

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“I chose CurrentWare for the solid product that gave more options with a lower price tag, high accuracy, and solid customer support.” -Vincent Pecoreno Network Administrator, Viking Yachts