By default, CurrentWare comes with SQL Express pre-installed, which has a 10 GB data limit. To avoid reaching this limit and still keep your historical data intact, you can opt to create a fresh database. Although you may have to reconfigure previous settings, there are several benefits of starting a fresh database:

No legacy data: A fresh database has no legacy data to deal with and maintain.

Improved data integrity: Starting with a clean slate allows you to enforce data integrity and consistency from the beginning, ensuring accurate data representation.

Better performance: Without legacy data and constraints, a fresh database can be optimized for performance, leading to faster query times and reduced load on the system.

Cost savings: Starting a fresh database is less expensive than upgrading to a SQL standard license.

Troubleshooting: By creating a new database, you can confirm if you are having any permission related issues with logon accounts.

How to create a fresh database

  1. From your server PC run a windows search for “cwsm.exe” or go to C:\program files(x86)\CurrentWare\cwServer\ and run the “cwsm.exe” application.
  2. Go to the “Database” tab
  3. Go to the section labeled “SQL Database Name“.
  4. Press the “Edit” button.
  5. Change the name to “CWNPSQL1“.
  6. This will recreate a database connection and prompt you to enter an operator user name and password
  7. The new database is created and you can now log in to your console running a fresh database.