Client Connection Issues – My computer is not showing up on CurrentWare

You are encountering a client connection issue when your computers are not showing up as “connected” on the CurrentWare Console.

There are a few possible causes that will prevent your CurrentWare client from connecting to the CurrentWare Console. Please use the following tips to troubleshoot your client connection issues.

1. Restart the Client computer

The CurrentWare Client installation will install files and processes that change your computer’s network layers. It is important that you restart the computer after the installation.

2. The CurrentWare Client Service is Stopped

If the CurrentWare Client service is not started, it will not connect to the CurrentWare Server. Go to start menu > run > type in services.msc > In the service manager, look for the CurrentWare Client Service and start it.


3. Your cwClient is connected to an invalid IP address or Computer name.

During the client installation, you put in the wrong IP address or computer name of the CurrentWare Server. The client is now connected to an invalid IP address or computer name.

To fix this issue, you have to go to the client’s workstation and reconfigure the Server’s computer name or IP address.

Verify the cwClient is connecting to a valid cwServer

  1. On the client workstation, go to C:\Windows\SysWOW64\wcsystck\.
  2. If this folder doesn’t exist, go to C:\Windows\System32\wcsystck\ instead.
  3. Double click on cwagent.exe and put in the client password (default password is Admin)
  4. Click on Server Settings
  5. Make sure the IP address or computer name is correct. If this is incorrect, your client is connecting to an invalid cwServer.

4. You did not apply licenses to your new computers. 

On your CurrentWare Web Console, go to Settings > Licensing > License Computers tab. Check the computers you want to apply your licenses to.

On your CurrentWare Console, go to Help > Licensing > click on the Next button. Check the computers you want to apply your licenses to.


5. Restart the CurrentWare Server service to reconnect the Clients

If a lot of client computers that disconnected from your CurrentWare Server, you may want to reestablish the client connections. On your CurrentWare Server computer, go to start menu > run > type in services.msc to get into the Service Manager.

Right-click on the CurrentWare Server service and select “Restart”. After the CurrentWare Server service has restarted, check the CurrentWare Console to see if your clients have connected.

6. On your CurrentWare Server, Open up the following ports in your Firewall

Firewalls can cause connection issues between the CurrentWare Client and the CurrentWare Server. Please open up the following ports in your Firewall exceptions:

  • 8988 TCP/UDP – BrowseReporter Live Capture
  • 8989 TCP/UDP – Client Connection Port
  • 8990 TCP/UDP – Console Connection Port
  • 8991 TCP/UDP – Client Connection Port
  • 8992 TCP/UDP – Client Data Upload
  • 8993 TCP/UDP – Screen Capture
  • 8994 TCP/UDP – HTTPS Filtering
  • 8995 TCP/UDP – URL Retrieval Socket
  • 8996 TCP/UDP – Webservice Port
  • 8997 TCP/UDP – Rest API
  • 8998 TCP/UDP – Webconsole
  • 8999 TCP/UDP – URL Retrieval Socket Failover
  • 3050 TCP/UDP – Firebird Database
  • 1433 TCP/UDP – For SQL Database only
  • 1434 TCP/UDP – For SQL Database only
  • 443 TCP/UDP – For Port Forward setup only

7. You may have installed a newer version of the CurrentWare Client than your CurrentWare Server (Version Conflict)

Version conflict occurs when the version of the cwClient connected is newer than the cwServer. For example, if you connect a cwClient running version 6.0 to a cwServer running version 5.5. When this happens, the cwClient service is forced to stop.

You will see a “Version Conflict” entry in the CWS.log file (C:\Program Files (x86)\CurrentWare\Logs\). Here’s an example of the warning message:

WAR::Version Conflict(, Client closed:

To fix this issue, you must uninstall the CurrentWare Client and reinstall the same version as the CurrentWare Server. If you have further issues with client connections, contact our technical support team

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