Can I import my users and organizational units from my Active Directory?

Import your Windows users and OUs directly from your Active Directory onto the CurrentWare Console

Import AD users and OUs

  1. Launch the CurrentWare Console.

    Note: If you are using the Web Console, you can access the CurrentWare Desktop Application by going to C:\Program Files (x86)\CurrentWare\cwConsole from your Server PC and running cwConsole.exe.
  2. On the menu select Tools > Import Users.
  3. Select Import users from Active Directory.
  4. Enter your Domain Name, User Name and Password. 
  5. Click on the Import Users button.
  6. Select the users and OUs you want to import into the cwConsole
  7. Click on the Add Users button. 
Import users and organizational units from active directory to your CurrentWare Console

Tags: AD sync, AD import, Organizational Units, Domain users

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