Can I block websites based on categories?

Can I block websites based on categories?

You can block websites based categories with BrowseControl’s frequently updated database of over 100 URL categories using the URL Category Filtering add-on

This method is best used to block a large number of websites based on defined categories that are not suitable for your organization such as Social Media, Adult, or Games

How to Block Websites by Category

  1. Select the computer(s) or user(s) group folder that you would like to block from accessing a website.
  2. Set “Internet” to “On” if it is not already on
  3. Go to “Category Filtering
  4. Add the categories you would like to block (ex. “Social Media” to the Blocked Category List

URL Category Lookup Tool

Is there a website that’s not being blocked by Category Filter? Use the URL Category Lookup tool to check which category the website is being identified with, and add the corresponding category to the block list.

You can also check if a category is blocking a website you are trying to access with the URL Category Lookup Tool and add the website to your Allowed List.

If you feel that BrowseControl’s Category filtering has not categorized your websites correctly, you can submit your website for reclassification.

URL Category Lookup

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