Can I block certain file types from being downloaded or viewed?

BrowseControl can prevent browsers from loading content and download files with is Download Filter. The Download Filter is a list of file extensions that the administrator can allow or deny the users from accessing while they are surfing the Internet. It applies to HTTP websites only.

By default, the Download Filter contains the categories of images and layouts. The reason for this is that some websites retrieve image files and layout files from external websites or servers. In order for the website to look properly, the Download Filter will allow the images and layout files on the website to be loaded without being blocked even though the files are not on the Allowed list.

How to use Download Filter

  1. Under the BrowseControl menu on the right-hand side of the CurrentWare Console, select Download Filter.
  2. In the Category Name text box, add a name for the Download Filter and click on the Add button.
  3. Click on the Add link under the File Type column for the category that you just created.
  4. Add the file extensions that you want to Allow or Block.
  5. After your file extensions have been added to the list, click Ok.
  6. In this window, under the permission column, select Allowed or Blocked to define the permission you want to set for the category that you just created.
Block downloads from the Internet

Filetype Permission Levels in Download Filter

There are three permission types. When “Allowed” is selected, the file extensions in the category will be allowed. When “Blocked” is selected, the file extensions in the category will be blocked. When “None” is selected, the file extensions in the category are not active and will be ignored.

Allowed List

File types placed in the “allowed” list will be explicitly enabled for download, allowing your employees to download these file types unimpeded. You should only add filetypes to your allowed list that you have deemed reasonably safe or that are critical for day-to-day operations within your organization.

Blocked List

File types placed in the blocked list for a given user, machine, or workgroup will be explicitly not permitted for download by them. File types that you have deemed to be unnecessarily risky, unproductive, or otherwise inappropriate should be added to this list.

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