Can CurrentWare delete older data automatically?

Can CurrentWare delete older data automatically?

Yes, you can set up CurrentWare to automatically delete older data such as URLs, applications, bandwidth, and device data.

An optimized database will improve the performance of the CurrentWare Console and reduce the time it takes to generate reports.

You can run the auto delete scheduler from the CurrentWare Console under Tools > Auto Delete Scheduler.

Only Keep Data for: Select the number of days you want to keep your Internet data. The Auto Delete scheduler will automatically delete any data that are older than the day that you selected.

Start Time: The scheduler will be executed at this time. During the data cleanup, the Console may close briefly (depending on your database size, the time is taken for the cleanup will vary). After the cleanup is completed, you can resume using the CurrentWare Console.

The CurrentWare Server must be turned on at the Start Time for the cleanup process to happen.

Database Compression to reduce the database file size: the database compression runs once every 3 schedules and only if the database is larger than 500 MB. This helps reduce the CurrentWare database and improve performance. Database compression is a heavy process. During the compression, the cwServer will be down temporarily.

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