Accessing Web Console Over a Public IP Address

Once you have CurrentWare Web Console installed on your computer, you can make it accessible to other admins outside the company’s network by performing the following configurations:

  1. Configure Port Forwarding
  2. Update your app-config.JSON file

1. Configure Port Forwarding

To connect your CurrentWare Clients to the CurrentWare Server over the Internet, you will need to port forward the CurrentWare traffic from your network’s router to the CurrentWare Server computer.

First, you will need to set up your CurrentWare Server on a network that has a Public Static IP address (obtained from your Internet service provider).

Then, you will need to configure your router’s setting. On your router’s configuration page, go to the Port Forwarding Settings

Forward the following port traffic to the IP address of your CurrentWare Server computer.

  • 8990 to 8999 (TCP and UDP) – CurrentWare Console and Clients
    • Note: If you are just looking to access the Console remotely, you only need port 8998 (TCP and UDP)
  • 1024 (TCP and UDP) – CurrentWare Screenshot Port
  • 443 & 80 (TCP and UDP) – Web Services
  • Optional connection failover1433 & 1434 (TCP and UDP) – CurrentWare SQL Server8990 to 8998 (TCP and UDP)

Don’t know how to get into your router’s configuration page? Check out this resource:

Configure SQL Server Management Studio

  1. Launch the SQL Server Management Studio
  2. Log in to the SQL instance
  3. Right click on the instance that CurrentWare is stored and select properties
  4. Click on “Connections” and under the section “Remote server connections”, check the option “Allow remote connections to this server”
sql server management studio port forwarding

Configure SQL Server Configuration Manager

  1. Install and launch the SQL Server Configuration Manager
  2. Expand SQL Server Network Configuration
  3. Select Protocols
  4. Right click on the option “TCP/IP” and select “Properties”
  5. Click on the IP addresses tab
  6. Scroll down to “IPAll”
  7. For TCP Port, put in 1433
sql server configuration manager for Currentware

2. Update your app-config.JSON file

Go back to your CurrentWare Server and browse to C:\Program Files (x86)\CurrentWare\cwWebConsole\WebConsole\. Open the file app-config.json in notepad and modify the following entry to include your public IP address.


In this example, replace the IP address XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX with your public IP address.

After your port forwarding settings and app-config.JSON files are configured properly, you will be able to access your CurrentWare Web Console from any Internet browsers using your IP address.

Want to access the Web Console using HTTPS instead? Learn how to secure the CurrentWare Web Console with the prepackaged HTTPS Certificate.