Upgrading the CurrentWare Server Database using the CWSM.exe Command line

The command line database upgrade will convert any older CurrentWare database (CWNPFB) to the CurrentWare version that is installed on your computer.

For example, if you have CurrentWare v5.2.7 installed on your computer, you can take any older database, put it in the cwServer folder, run the command line and upgrade it to version 5.2.7.

  1. Copy the CurrentWare Database file (CWD) from your old CurrentWare Server to the new CurrentWare Server. Put it on the desktop for now.
  2. On the new CurrentWare Server, go to Services (services.msc) and stop the CurrentWare Server service
  3. Copy the CurrentWare Database file to the CurrentWare Server directory and overwrite the existing file.
32-Bit operating system

C:\Program Files\CurrentWare\cwServer

64-Bit operating system

C:\Program Files(x86)\CurrentWare\cwServer

  1. Run Command Prompt (CMD) in Administrator mode.
  2. Browse to the cwServer path in command prompt:
32-Bit operating system

Cd “C:\Program Files\CurrentWare\cwServer”

64-Bit operating system

Cd “C:\Program Files(x86)\CurrentWare\cwServer”

  1. Run this command line to perform the database upgrade:

CWSM.exe –update –silent

upgrading the CurrentWare database

Note: If you get the message that CWSM.exe is not recognized as an internal or external command, you’ve made a typo in your commands.

  1. Your CurrentWare database is now upgraded
  2. Go back to Services (services.msc) and start the CurrentWare Server service.