Redirecting the CurrentWare Client


  • Redirecting client is not version dependent.
    For example, a CurrentWare Server running version 5.1 can redirect a CurrentWare Client running version 5.0. It will take longer because it will perform a client upgrade.
  • If “redirect all” is not working, try redirect specific computer.
  • If redirect client fails, try turning off the client computer’s Windows Firewall and Antivirus Firewall.

1) Redirect Clients from the CurrentWare Console

Redirect CurrentWare Clients to another cwServer

  1. Launch the CurrentWare Console
  2. Go to Tools > Redirect Clients.
  3. Type in the Client password (default password is Admin) and select redirect all clients.
  4. After you press Ok, your clients will start to connect to the console within the next few seconds.

If your clients are not connecting, try again with the following options:

  • Enable the option “redirect connected clients”.
  • Redirect specific computers and search for the computers
  • Make sure the client password is correct

#2 – Run a command line

This is the command line that allows you to reconfigure the CurrentWare Client to connect to another CurrentWare Server. The command line can be made into a batch file. It can be run from your remote control tools. It can be made into a log on script for your group policy.

For 64-bit computers:
C:\Windows\SysWOW64\cwClient.exe -p Admin -ds

For 32-bit computers:
C:\Windows\system32\cwClient.exe -p Admin -ds

Replace Admin with your CurrentWare Client password (Admin is the default password)
Replace with the new CurrentWare Server IP address or computer name.

#3 – Redirect the CurrentWare Clients Locally

If your clients are not connecting to the console even after you redirected them in the previous steps, you can try to redirect the clients locally.

  1. Go to the client workstation.
  2. Go to C:\Windows\SysWOW64\
  3. Double click on cwagent.exe.
  4. Put in the client password (default password is Admin)
  5. Click on Server Settings
  6. Modify the Server name to the IP address or computer name of the new CurrentWare Server.