CurrentWare v7.0.2 is here! Read the release blog to learn more.

Thank you for downloading CurrentWare Gateway v2.0

You’re just a few steps away from managing the Internet access of all the devices on your network.

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System Requirements

Configuring your Network for Gateway

This diagram shows the network architecture with the CurrentWare Gateway on your network.
CurrentWare Gateway How does it work

The computer you are installing the CurrentWare Gateway on must have two ethernet ports.

1. The first ethernet port needs to be connected to the Internet

2. The second ethernet port needs to be connected to a Network Switch or router* (that connects to your LAN)

*If you are using a router, you will need to disable the DHCP option on the router

CurrentWare Gateway back of computer

How to Install the CurrentWare Gateway

(Click to play)
  1. Run the CurrentWareGateway.exe file on the CurrentWare Gateway computer
  2. The installer checks if the pre-requisite components are installed and automatically install the missing components.
  3. Click Install to start the installation of the CurrentWare Gateway
  4. The installation of CurrentWare Gateway will proceed.
  5. After the CurrentWare Gateway is installed, The Internet Connection Sharing Wizard will pop up automatically to help you set up for the first time.

Run the Internet Connection Sharing Wizard

The Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) wizard steps through the process of allowing Internet traffic from the clients to pass through the Gateway. Choose the proper network adapter for your Internet connection and your LAN.

configure CurrentWare Gateway

Start browsing the Internet on your devices. Your network and computing devices (i.e. computers, routers and etc.) will automatically be added to the Manage page under the Root folder. You can begin managing the Internet access of your devices.

For more information

Download CW Gateway Setup

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