Configure Port Forwarding with Firebird | CurrentWare FAQs

Note: This guide is only for CurrentWare connecting to a Firebird Database. Running SQL Database with CurrentWare? Read this guide instead

Connecting the CurrentWare Client

To connect your CurrentWare Clients to the CurrentWare Server over the Internet, you will need to port forward the CurrentWare traffic from your network’s router to the CurrentWare Server computer.

#1 – Preparing your CurrentWare Server

First, you will need to set up your CurrentWare Server on a network that has a Public Static IP address (obtained from your Internet service provider).

Then, you will need to configure your router’s setting. On your router’s configuration page, go to the Port Forwarding Settings

Forward the following port traffic to the IP address of your CurrentWare Server computer.

  • 8990 (TCP and UDP)
  • 8991 (TCP and UDP)
  • 8992 (TCP and UDP)
  • 3050 (TCP and UDP)
  • 1024 (TCP and UDP)

This is a sample picture of a Linksys router’s port forwarding configuration screen. If you are not using Linksys, the menu items and labels may vary.


This is how the port forward configuration will look like for a D-Link Router:


Don't know how to get into your router's configuration page? Check out this resource:

#2 – Installing the CurrentWare Client

Install the CurrentWare Client by running the cwClientSetup.exe file on the Client computer.

During the installation, put in the Public IP address, hostname or DDNS of the CurrentWare Server’s Network.

CurrentWare Client Configuration

Having issue connecting the external CurrentWare clients?

1. Make sure the public IP address of your CurrentWare Server network has a static IP address

2. Make sure your Firewall is not blocking the CurrentWare traffic

Connecting the CurrentWare Console

On the CurrentWare Console, go to Tools > Options > Connection > Type in the public IP address of the CurrentWare Server