Endpoint Security: Monitoring & Management

End-user devices are a security nightmare when left unmanaged. CurrentWare’s endpoint security solutions protect your endpoints with software-enforced policy management and user monitoring.

Endpoint Security: Monitoring & Management

End-user devices are a security nightmare when left unmanaged. CurrentWare’s endpoint security solutions protect your endpoints with software-enforced policy management and user monitoring.

“We never have to worry about what may happen when someone plugs a device into one of our machines. AccessPatrol has made our lives easy.
We just set it, forget it, and it works!”

Nicholas Scheetz
IT Service Desk Supervisor, First Choice Health

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Endpoint Security: Monitoring & Management

Unmanaged endpoints pose a serious security vulnerability to your network. Hackers will use your vulnerable endpoints as a front door to compromise the security of your network by infecting endpoints with malware while moving laterally across the network to target high-value assets. Perimeter-based security simply isn’t enough to fight against these attacks.
Endpoint monitoring and management software protects your network and data against the risk of vulnerabilities caused by insider threats, unsafe web browsing habits, compromised USB devices, and unauthorized software programs.
Use CurrentWare’s endpoint security solutions to control the peripherals that are allowed to connect to your company’s endpoints, monitor employees and devices for suspicious activity, and enforce device-level acceptable use policies that protect your endpoints from abuse.

Block Unwanted Peripheral Devices

Use AccessPatrol to control which USB and other peripheral devices are permitted to connect to endpoints across your entire network. Use configurable device permissions to enforce the exclusive use of authorized encrypted removable media devices.

Real-time Alerts & Reporting

Alert your security team to actions that put your endpoints at risk. Monitor for unexpected bandwidth spikes, the use of dangerous P2P filesharing programs, attempts of data exfiltration, unsafe web browsing habits, and more.

Centralized Endpoint Security

Manage all of your endpoints from CurrentWare’s centralized console to improve visibility and simplify endpoint policy management. Review endpoint and user monitoring data, implement software and internet restriction policies, and manage granular configurations that match unique security needs for each of your endpoints.

Protect Against Malware

Whether employees are working remotely or in-house you can protect your endpoints from computer worms, trojans, and other malware that are transmitted by compromised USB devices, malicious websites, and risky network ports. Enforce restricted internet, application, and website access with BrowseControl to mitigate against cyber threats from unsafe web usage

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“Great Product to control your physical endpoint security. The Ability to add individual device id's to an allowed list, as well as a common control console for all currentware products."

- Dan A, IT Technician
Vessel IT Team Lead

capterra 5 stars review

This software helps us to achieve compliance with industry and government requirements with respect to controlling the use of removable storage media. It fits the bill perfectly."

- Matthew W.
Aviation & Aerospace

capterra 5 stars review

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Block Endpoint Devices

Protect your network from endpoint attacks by restricting device access.

Block Malicious Websites

Prevent users from accessing malicious websites that are susceptible to malware attacks.

Report on Endpoint Activity

Report on file transfer and endpoint devices that were connected to your network.

Temporary Access to Endpoint Devices

Use the Access Code Generator to provide temporary access to endpoint devices.


Endpoint Device Permissions

Control how files can be modified through endpoint devices. Configure read-only, no access, or full access policies.

Block Smartphones and Tablets

Prevent users from connecting iPhones, iPads, Android devices, and more.

Turn Internet Off

Turn the Internet off completely to prevent online file transfers or uploads.

Block Computer Programs

Prevent users from using unauthorized or malicious computer programs.

Combine AccessPatrol with BrowseControl
to secure your network and protect your data!


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