How to Schedule an Email Report

This article will help you create your first email report. A scheduled email report will save a report as a .PDF and automatically send it to your recipients at the scheduled time.

1. Configure your Email Settings

  1. Go to Email Settings
  2. Fill out your email credential and outgoing mail server information
  3. Test Email Account to ensure BrowseReporter can send email using your email address

Example for setting up email report for Gmail:

setting up browsereporter's email report with Gmail

2. Save Report Profile

  1. Go to Run Report
  2. Select all the criteria for your email report
  3. Click Save Profile

3. Schedule Email Report

  1. Go to Email Reports
  2. Create a schedule
  3. Add your email address and select your report profile
  4. Select your email schedule along with the time/day you want the scheduled email to run
  5. Your report will be sent directly to your recipients as a .PDF file at the scheduled day and time.

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