Secure Your Network and Your Data

CurrentWare’s proven endpoint and network security solutions stop data breaches and malware attacks before they occur.

“Most solutions either break down or can be sideswiped or eluded. I find this suite of products to be very solid, easily deployable, and simple to manage.”

Robert L, YAYOE

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Data Loss Prevention

All it takes is one malicious insider threat or a brief act of negligence to compromise the security of the sensitive data your organization is responsible for protecting. Data loss prevention (DLP) and endpoint security measures are critical for ensuring that sensitive information remains safe against ransomware, cybercriminals, and careless users.

Endpoints such as computers, laptops, and specialized hardware connected to your network can easily have their data stolen through malware or unauthorized file transfers to USB devices, leading to devastating data breaches that can cost your organization millions in non-compliance fines, reputational damage, and litigation.

CurrentWare’s data loss prevention solutions include our internet restriction software BrowseControl for proactively blocking access to malware-infested websites as well as our endpoint security management software AccessPatrol for blocking unauthorized USB devices, configuring USB device use permissions, and alerting administrators to suspicious file operations.

Protect Computers from Malware Attacks

Shield your valuable computers from malware attacks by preventing users from uploading harmful files and accessing malicious websites.

Prevent Data Breaches

Protect your customers’ data and prevent data breaches by securing your network endpoints and restricting Internet access.

Investigate Endpoint Activity

Determine where data was transferred and which user was responsible for the data transfer with endpoint activity investigation reports.

Reduce Labor

Minimize the time and money spent on managing your endpoints. Eliminate the need for a dedicated specialist with simple yet effective software.

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“Amazingly easy setup with great support.”

– Gerard B, Owner
Medical Practice

“Great software to lock down users access.”

– Dan A, IT Technician
Township of Nutley

See how CurrentWare can secure your network and protect your data

Data Loss Prevention Features

Internet Off

Block Endpoint Devices

Protect your network from endpoint attacks by restricting device access.

URL Filter

Block Malicious Websites

Prevent users from accessing malicious websites that are susceptible to malware attacks.

Category Filtering

Report on Endpoint Activity

Report on file transfer and endpoint devices that were connected to your network.

Internet Scheduler

Temporary Access to Endpoint Devices

Use the Access Code Generator to provide temporary access to endpoint devices.

Centralized Console

Endpoint Device Permissions

Control how files can be modified through endpoint devices. Configure read-only, no access, or full access policies.


Block Smartphones and Tablets

Prevent users from connecting iPhones, iPads, Android devices, and more.

Application Blocker

Turn Internet Off

Turn the Internet off completely to prevent online file transfers or uploads.

Email Report

Block Computer Programs

Prevent users from using unauthorized or malicious computer programs.

Combine AccessPatrol with BrowseControl
to secure your network and protect your data!


Web Filter Software

Block Internet and malicious sites to prevent data breaches and malware.


Endpoint Security

Secure endpoints and prevent the illicit transfer of data.


Web Filter Software

Block Internet and malicious sites to prevent data breaches and malware.


Endpoint Security

Secure endpoints and prevent the illicit transfer of data.

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