With CurrentWare’s highly configurable on-premise technical safeguards you can protect sensitive data against mishandling thanks to our enhanced endpoint security features and user activity monitoring.

Data Security, Privacy, & Compliance

With CurrentWare’s highly configurable on-premise technical safeguards you can protect sensitive data against mishandling thanks to our enhanced endpoint security features and user activity monitoring.

"With AccessPatrol, we’re certain we’re meeting today’s cybersecurity standards whilst maintaining immediate, reliant access to patient records so we can keep delivering a high-quality service to our clients”

Nicholas Scheetz
IT Service Desk Supervisor, First Choice Health

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Data Security, Privacy, & Compliance

Insider threats pose unique challenges to data security due to the organization’s trust in their employees and the employee’s close proximity to the organization’s sensitive data. Unfortunately, a detrimental data breach can be as simple as having sensitive data transferred to a USB device that is later lost, stolen, or later disclosed when taken off-premise.
If your organization needs to protect sensitive personally identifiable information (PII) or electronic personal health information (ePHI) to maintain compliance with internal or regulatory data security standards, you need a solution that provides methods for readily identifying how sensitive files are being interacted with in your organization to ensure the data is not being improperly handled.
Regulations such as GDPR, PIPEDA, CCPA, and HIPAA all come with detailed requirements for maintaining compliance with them. Software-based technical safeguards with features for data loss prevention, endpoint security, user activity monitoring, and malware prevention through internet filtering work together to protect the sensitive data that your organization is responsible for overseeing.

Technical Safeguards with Proactive Data Security Controls

Failing to maintain adequate protective measures to ensure data security will expose your organization to a significant risk of non-compliance fines and reputational damage. Endpoint security solutions are technical safeguards that provide data security controls to alert administrators to suspicious file operations attempts and prevent the use of unauthorized USB devices by users that have access to sensitive data.

Monitor Employees for Suspicious Behavior

Employee monitoring provides continuous oversight of employee activities as they perform their job functions, providing a method for identifying suspicious or unsafe information handling practices. Following the discovery of unwanted behavior, employee monitoring data provides your organization with the precedence for taking corrective actions to prevent unlawful or unsafe behavior that puts sensitive data at risk.

On-Premise Solutions for Data Localization & Residency

Compliance frameworks with stipulations for data localization & residency are difficult to maintain if your employee monitoring solution acts as a third-party data processor. With CurrentWare’s on-premises solution your organization can reduce liability by ensuring that employee monitoring data is stored and processed in the exact location required by your compliance framework even if your employees are working remotely.

Prevent Access to Malicious Websites

Malicious websites can stealthily infect your organization’s systems with malware such as ransomware, leading to devastating data breaches and data loss. With proactive internet filtering measures, you can provide an added layer of security against malware attacks from external threats.

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"The software is very easy to use and I started blocking my employee's Internet immediately."

- John G, Owner
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"The reports are nice and have a good layout. You can customize reports by people or departments."

- Lee L, IT Specialist
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capterra 5 stars review

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Internet ON/OFF

Disable or enable the Internet with the click of a button.

URL Filter

Create allowed lists and blocked lists for specific URLs.

Category Filtering

Block websites based on specific categories such as sports and social media.

Internet Scheduler

Schedule Internet restrictions or permissions for specific times of the day.


Computer Monitoring

Determine the frequency at which different programs are used.

Internet Monitoring

Determine URLs visited and the time spent on each website.

Application Blocker

Block user access to applications and programs.
Email Report

Email Reports

Generate and deliver email reports for Internet and computer usage.

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Data Security, Privacy and Compliance


Web Filter Software

Block Internet and computer programs to keep your employees focused.

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Data Security, Privacy and Compliance


Employee Monitoring

Generate Internet and computer usage reports to increase productivity.

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Data Security, Privacy and Compliance


Endpoint Security

Secure endpoints and prevent data breaches in your network.

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Data Security, Privacy and Compliance


Power Management

Remotely manage computers to conserve power consumption.

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