v5.4.1 Released! Redesigned Reports & New AccessPatrol Features

Version 5.4.1 of CurrentWare has been officially released and we are excited for our customers to experience the new features of our software solutions.

The latest version of CurrentWare has added Redesigned Reports in BrowseReporter and AccessPatrol, as well as new security functions and user-mode reporting in AccessPatrol. A new client redirect method has also been implemented, making it much easier for users to redirect mass amounts of clients from one server to another.

Here are some of the major additions in v5.4.1:

  1. Redesigned all of the BrowseReporter reports.
  2. Redesigned all of the AccessPatrol reports.
  3. Merged the File Operation History Report and the File Transfer Report.
  4. Added a new AccessPatrol feature called Access Code Generator to provide temporary access to endpoint devices.
  5. Added User Mode support to AccessPatrol’s device tracking.
  6. Added an option to Redirect Clients (push method) from an old cwServer to a new cwServer.
  7. Reduced data upload size for Bandwidth tracking to fix data upload issues.
  8. Fixed a bug in BrowseReporter that caused browsing slowness on certain portal websites on Chrome.
  9. Fixed an issue where the cwClient caused Internet loss during the client upgrade.
  10. Optimized enPowerManager’s Wake on LAN option.
  11. And 52 other bug fixes and tweaks.

Redesigned Reports in BrowseReporter and AccessPatrol

All reports in BrowseReporter and AccessPatrol have been redesigned using the new Telerik report viewer. The new Telerik reports boast a modern look and improved reporting capabilities versus the previously used Crystal Report Viewer.

CurrentWare users will be impressed with the functionality and convenience of the Telerik reports as it makes reading and exporting the reports much easier. The new features include:

  • Table of Contents: Sort through large reports easily with the new table of contents. Simply find the page of information that you are looking for in the table of contents and click on it to be taken directly to that page of the report. Saves users time from having to click through multiple pages.
  • Search Tool: Use the search tool to find specific information within the report.
  • Performance: The Telerik reports populate and load much faster than its predecessor.
  • Export to PDF: Quickly export reports to PDF.

New AccessPatrol Feature – Access Code Generator

AccessPatrol has added a new feature that allows users to generate temporary access codes to endpoint devices. Previously, if an administrator wanted to grant an end-user temporary access to and endpoint device, they would have to move that end-user into a group that has access granted through the group settings. With the new access code generator feature, administrators can quickly grant temporary access to endpoint devices without having to reconfigure their user groups.

User Mode Added to AccessPatrol Device Tracking

With user mode now added to AccessPatrol for device tracking, users can generate reports to track device usage by user. Previously, the reports would only list the PC and not the individual users of that machine. This new feature will provide users with greater insight into who was using which endpoint device on the network, making it easier to pinpoint network threats and attacks.

Redirect Clients with the New Push Redirect

Users can now easily redirect clients from one server to another using the new push redirect method. Previously, users were only able to pull clients from one server to another from the console. The new push redirect method will prove to be extremely convenient for users that wish to migrate a large number of clients to a different server.

How to upgrade to CurrentWare v4.3.4.0:

The upgrade is straight-forward.

  1. Run the CurrentWare.exe to upgrade the CurrentWare Server, Console and your Solutions.
  2. The CurrentWare Clients that are connected to the CurrentWare Server will upgrade automatically. If the upgrade does not happen automatically for your CurrentWare Clients, run the cwClient.exe file on the computers to perform the client upgrade manually.