Employee Computer Monitoring Software

CurrentWare’s computer monitoring software solutions provide the insights you need to ensure that the devices in your network are used safely and appropriately.

Employee Computer Monitoring Software

CurrentWare’s computer monitoring software solutions provide the insights you need to ensure that the devices in your network are used safely and appropriately.

“The HR department suddenly gained the ability to present tangible evidence of disinclination to employees who had been underperforming or slacking on the job."

Kevin Porsche
IT Admin, Shady Maple Farm Market

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Employee Computer Monitoring Software

The computers in your network are valuable tools for improving efficiency and enabling a wide array of capabilities for your organization, but only if they are used appropriately. Employee computer monitoring software provides you with the data-driven insights you need to ensure that users are interacting with the technology in your company in a productive and safe manner.
CurrentWare’s suite of software solutions provides the internet, endpoint, and application monitoring tools you need to track the usage of the computers on your network and ensure that your users are not using unauthorized applications, engaging in risky web browsing behaviors, or performing illicit data transfers that put your intellectual property and data security at risk.

Detailed PC Activity Monitoring

Use CurrentWare’s suite of PC monitoring solutions to monitor the internet, application, file operations, bandwidth, and peripheral device usage on your computers. Configure real-time alerts in AccessPatrol to notify your security team to the use of undesirable peripheral devices and generate detailed computer monitoring reports in BrowseReporter for further insights into the PC activities of your organization.

Collect Evidence of Misconduct

Computer monitoring data provides your company with the digital evidence you need to address workplace misconduct and non-compliance with policies. Identify illicit activities taking place on your network and take advantage of perpetual local data storage to retain evidence of misconduct for future e-discovery, audits, and other investigations.

Protect Your Data

Use CurrentWare’s enterprise computer monitoring software to deter employees from engaging in risky behaviors. Mitigate the temptation to perform illegal file downloads, dissuade the sharing of sensitive data on unauthorized platforms, and prevent the use of potentially compromised websites that threaten the security of your network.

Manage Productivity

Want to keep your employees focused on their work? BrowseReporter’s internet and software usage tracking can monitor the use of computer applications and the internet by your employees. Use data-driven insights to address lapses in productivity, balance workflows, and identify disengaged employees.

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"The software is very easy to use and I started blocking my employee's Internet immediately."

- John G, Owner
JWG (Accounting)

capterra 5 stars review

"The reports are nice and have a good layout. You can customize reports by people or departments."

- Lee L, IT Specialist
Mid-Continent Instruments & Avionics

capterra 5 stars review

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Internet ON/OFF

Disable or enable the Internet with the click of a button.

URL Filter

Create allowed lists and blocked lists for specific URLs.

Category Filtering

Block websites based on specific categories such as sports and social media.

Internet Scheduler

Schedule Internet restrictions or permissions for specific times of the day.


Computer Monitoring

Determine the frequency at which different programs are used.

Internet Monitoring

Determine URLs visited and the time spent on each website.

Application Blocker

Block user access to applications and programs.
Email Report

Email Reports

Generate and deliver email reports for Internet and computer usage.

Combine BrowseControl with BrowseReporter
to increase productivity!


Web Filter Software

Block Internet and computer programs to keep your employees focused.

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Employee Monitoring

Generate Internet and computer usage reports to increase productivity.

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