BrowseControl Web Filter

Effortlessly restrict internet access to enforce web and application usage policies across your network.

Control Internet Access

URL White / Black Lists

Category Filtering

Application Blocking

BrowseControl Web Filter

Effortlessly restrict internet access to enforce web and application usage policies across your network.

Control Internet Access

URL White / Black Lists

Category Filtering

Application Blocking

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Trusted by

& thousands of other companies

Our Web Filtering Software Blocks Dangerous and Distracting Websites

Network content filtering with BrowseControl gives you full control over your
employee's Internet access and application usage!

Easy to Manage Console

The central console allows you to manage the network content filtering policies of your entire workforce from one convenient location.

User and Computer Based Policies

Customize network content filtering policies for each user, endpoint, and department. BrowseControl's agent continues filtering network traffic on any managed computer employees use.

Remote Workers Compatible

Use BrowseControl's web filtering agent to manage the internet usage of employees that are working from home, connected to another network, or working from other remote locations.

Manage CurrentWare from your Windows Desktop or Web Console*

CurrentWare Console Central Management for Windows Computers
CurrentWare Console Central Management for Windows Computers

*Coming soon: Web Console is currently in private beta & will be available for public launch in April 2021. Click here to request early access

BrowseControl improves employee productivity & network security

Prevent employees from accessing inappropriate content

Prevent a hostile work environment by blocking inappropriate websites on your network. Stop employees from accessing adult-oriented websites with pornographic, violent, and crude content.

  • Use the category filter to block web content categories such as pornography, hate, violence, and crude humor sites
  • Proactively block harmful, distracting, or dangerous websites to enforce your acceptable use policies
  • Combine BrowseControl with BrowseReporter’s web activity reports to identify employees that are attempting to visit inappropriate websites

Block high-risk websites

A web filter is a critical element of network security. High-risk websites can be proactively blocked to prevent employees from infecting your network.

  • Use the category filter to block malicious websites that are known to contain malware
  • Protect sensitive data by preventing employees from accessing unauthorized cloud storage accounts
  • Block unused network ports and filter network traffic with the port filter to reduce your network’s exposure to the web

Improve bandwidth availability and block distractions

The abuse of high-bandwidth sites dramatically lowers internet speeds and leads to severe network congestion.

  • Block distracting and high-bandwidth video streaming sites like Netflix, Twitch, and Amazon Prime Video
  • Customize internet restriction policies to allow streaming during breaks and special events
  • Combine BrowseControl's network content filtering with BrowseReporter’s bandwidth monitoring reports to identify bandwidth hogs in your network.

Flexible Deployment Options

Shady Maple improves productivity, network performance & profitability with BrowseControl

CurrentWare Customer Shady Maple
"We had ways of managing and dealing with HR that simply weren't scalable."

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"As a "novice" I was able to set up with help from support in about an hour."

- Dr. Gerard B, Owner
Medical Office

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"Finally, a truly enterprise solution for Windows that filters internet and blocks apps."

- Robert L, Teacher

Capterra 5 stars review

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