CurrentWare v5.4.3 Released! AP Email Alerts and AD Import

The theme of version 5.4.3 is to expand on CurrentWare’s feature set to support enterprise operations. To accomplish this, we focused on 3 major areas of improvements:

  1. Improving the import users process by allowing administrators to import organizational units from Active Directory.
  2. Adding AccessPatrol Email Alerts to monitor devices accessed and files transferred to detect insider threats.
  3. Optimize advanced client connections settings to accommodate client connections for enterprise networks.

Active Directory Integration

Importing users from Active Directory is available in the current version of CurrentWare but it lacks the ability to import organization units. Without OUs, imported users are scattered throughout the cwConsole, making it harder for an administrator to manage when hundreds of users are being imported at once. 

In version 5.4.3, we added a new way for administrators to import OUs into the cwConsole. This type of integration will allow administrators to easily manage users from Active Directory on the cwConsole. 

We will expand this feature further in v5.5.1 by implementing Active Directory synchronization. With AD sync, any changes to a domain will automatically update on the cwConsole. 

AccessPatrol Email Alerts 

After adding device reports to AccessPatrol, our customers request more ways of detecting insider threats without having to launch the cwConsole. 

With AccessPatrol’s new email alert feature, administrators can monitor specific computers or users based on file operations and devices accessed. 

File operations alerts will detect what files are being copied, created, deleted, renamed or saved as on external devices such as USB and external hard drives 

Device accessed alerts will detect the endpoint devices that are being accessed by the end-users. AccessPatrol can detect all devices, unknown devices, blocked devices and devices that are on the allowed list. 

Alerts are being sent on a 15-minute interval and will batch all the activities into one single email. 

Advanced Settings for Client Connections

In version 5.4.3, we introduced a few advanced settings that will help larger enterprises enhance their client connections. The client ping time and timeout duration are now configurable on the cwServer’s registry. On top of that, the data upload method can now be modified from sockets to web services to allow better uploads.

New AccessPatrol Features and Updates

With the popularity of AccessPatrol rising recently, our development for v5.4.3 focuses on enhancing data loss prevention. 

  1. Adding Imaging device, portable device and encrypted USB devices to the Device Allowed List.
  2. Adding PNP devices as an alternative to serial numbers on the Device Allowed List to uniquely identify authorized devices.
  3. Block file transfers by file types from computers to external devices.
  4. Optimizing the AccessPatrol data upload process by adding web services.
  5. Filter devices or files from the device reports

Other Updates

Here are some of the new updates to the other products

  1. BrowseControl – adding port range to the Port Filter. 
  2. BrowseControl – will be compatible with new Chromium-based Microsoft Edge 
  3. Improve User experience with the cwAgent.exe access process

Bug Fixes

A majority of the bug fixes for this version are related to AccessPatrol’s reports tracking and allowed list.  

Sai Kit Chu
Sai Kit Chu
Sai Kit Chu is a Product Manager with CurrentWare. He enjoys helping businesses improve their employee productivity & data loss prevention efforts through the deployment of the CurrentWare solutions.